The primary purpose of the activity is Providing transportation services for fast and high-quality. We serve in Toyota and Mercedes cars.We serve in the city area, Within Georgia, in Turkey,in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Price per kilometer is 70 tetri. The counter is installed in the car.

Additional Services:
- Ensuring transfer
- Personal Driver
- Courier
- Transfer of children
- Sober driver 

Ensuring transfer

Pre-order (give instructions about place,time and route)we providing your movement in Georgia,in Turkey and Azerbaijan.( for Ex. From the airport to your desired area and on the contrary)

Personal Driver

Pre-agreed price we supply to the transport without logo selected by you.


Any your order Without your participation requirements ,will be provided by us.

Transfer of children

According to the schedule provided by you, Our drivers provide transportation children into the desired routes.(from school/nursery school to home and on the contrary). 

Sober driver

If you are feeling bad or you are drunk You can contact us , about 10 -15 min after the driver will come to the address set, The driver will take you or Provide transportation for your car in any address.

Taxi+ & Batumi Car Tour

since June 2011 Taxi+ and L.L.C. “ Batumi Car Tour ” are working together. Despite the short time companies have managed to obtain a decent place between Transport companies. Qualified personnel experience and The correct approach to work is the reason for the success. Degree of safety and comfort we Gained the trust of the clients,Which has increased the number of partner companies wherewith today we are proud to work successfully.